Thursday, 4 May 2017


Harvest of memories
in a garden
A book launch later this month will commemorate the vibrant Cumbria village of Botcherby and what may be a unique partnership involving the local community group that publishes this blog.

The book is Botcherby A Garden Village, the story of what was small village near Carlisle that has grown and transformed over the years into a vibrant community several times bigger.

The community group, Botcherby Forever has been in existence for several years, its members working for the good of the community. The group is part of Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation.

In the last four years Botcherby Forever has given active support  to local author Pat Hitchon in her research into the history of the village through monthly  group meetings and other activities.

What was expected to be a modest two-year project became a four-year marathon as it caught the imagination of the local community, with many people giving photos, recalling memories and adding other help.

This local help and  the help from Botcherby Forever community group has been vital  to Pat. She has these words of  thanks:‘I could not have completed the book without you, my friends. You have all made it possible for the book to be put together and eventually published. I am very grateful to you all”